Filter easy-to-SEO keywords from Adwords

Analyze and filter the long, easy-to-SEO keywords from searching behavior of customer using your Adwords

Compact solution

Save 20% ads cost by SEO

Compact tool helps you to filter the long, easy-to-SEO keywords from searching behavior of customer using your Adwords

Reduce Ads Cost

SEO is the key to help you save Google Ads cost, mainly Google searching cost

With the SEO Keyword Filter Tool from your Google Ads, you can filter the exact searching keywords without hiring a SEO company, save lots of useless cost

Reduce Adwords Dependence

 The advantage of Google Ads is easy to change and customize,however the cost is high. In case of using SEO effectively, you could save these useless cost.

Try the first step of SEO by filter the typical keywords, then launch your SEO campaign right away.

Easy step

Show Result After 01 Click

The tool helps you to filter the easy-to-SEO keywords – which attract the customer the most

Long Keywords

Long keywords tend to be easier to SEO than the short ones due to their right target and low competity

More Interested Viewer

Use the attractive keywords to catch more attention and click of viewer, increase sales number

Quality Keywords

High-possibility keywords which increase the possibility of sales when they are clicked by viewer

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Full kit of 10 marketing tools, 6 increase customer tool, 2 sales tool

Easy and convenience in just only 1 managing app


Your feedback is our motivation

If you have any question when using our product, don’t hesitate to contact us

What is anti fraud click?

We do not only block damage Ips, but also provide an overall solution to help you save cost


Is it true that we can save up to 50% cost?

Your ads cost include: useful and useless one. The useful cost is the money you pay to have customer. The useless one is in another hand. The system will help to to save all the useless cost and convert it into useful one. Then you have doubled benefit

How long is the trial time?

The trial time is unlimited for extracting report, you will be charged when you start saving cost

How much does it cost?

You will pay monthly with the amount of 25 USD/month for each optimized Google account. You can add unlimited number of AdWords accounts.

How to secure my Adwords account?

All your account information will be secured under Unifool policy. Therefore you are safe when connecting and optimizing accounts. If you decide to stop the optimizing, please disconnect with our system.

What can I do if need help?

Please contact with us by send email to [email protected] or chat with the online staff (on the right corner of the screen)

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SEO Keyword Analyzer

Easy-to-SEO keywords filter tool from AdWords, reduce up to 20% ads cost

  • Get the result after 1 click
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Unifool provide the toolkit for easy management and tracking the Marketing activities, attracting potential customers as well as increasing online sales.

Now, it’s not hard anymore to reach your online customers. We will together open new business opportunities.