Only 30 second

To run ads on Google Shopping

Running ads tool (Google Shopping) in only 30 sec – the most effective solution to approach customer for ecommerce website

Google Shopping – A New Advertising Method

Google Shopping is a brand new ads tool which has been offered by Google. Your product/service will more easily reach the potential customers and sale than other type of running ads.

The process of creating a Google Shopping ads

Quick, simple with only 3 steps when using the running ads tool (Google Shopping) of Unifool

Your Benefit

When using Google Shopping tool by Unifool

Quick, time saving, without difficult technique

Easy configuration steps

With only 3 easy configuration steps, anyone can do, you can create a Google Shopping ads

Easy product management

Integrated Merchant Center and product management system, you won’t have to waste time for these works

Integrated report

Easy comparison of efficiency between Google Shopping ads and others

Unifool Blog

Share experience, update the latest information from Google and online ads market & Guideline of optimizing marketing toolkit

Get more 100$ when running Google Shopping Ads Campaign

AdWords coupon codes apply to new customers using Google Shopping tool. There is no limit to number of websites running ads


13 Benefits of Google Shopping

The artical summarizes 13 benefits of Google Shopping advertising, helping you choose new forms of advertising. You can make your ad the most prominent

3 Steps to create Google Shopping ads with Unifool tool

Detailed instructions on how to create a Google Shopping ads using Unifool tool. Help you quickly take Top position and full of orders

Google Shopping Tool Overview

In only 30 sec that you can create your own Google Shopping ads

How to use

Google Shopping Tool of Unifool

Create your own Google Shopping ads with only 3 easy steps

To minimal the whole process of register and the repetition of interface converting; to save time and work for new Google shopping advertisers, Google Shopping tool of Unifool supports our customer to manage the product and create ads in only 01 interface and push ads from our managing interface to Google Ads.

Other Solution From Unifool

Optimize ads, increase potential customer and quick, simple sale


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Block 90% fraud click, damage click on your Google Adwords


Diagnose Google ads, save up to 50% waste cost


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Livechat tool helps to care your customer more easily


Track all your customer history and ads efficiency

Your growth is our motivation

Unifool provide the toolkit for easy management and tracking the Marketing activities, attracting potential customers as well as increasing online sales.

Now, it’s not hard anymore to reach your online customers. We will together open new business opportunities.