Advertising Planning Tool

Quick estimate of advertising costs, the number of clicks and the amout of customers for your Google Ads

Theo Tên MiềnTheo Từ Khóa

Ước tính chi phí & hiệu quả quảng cáo trong 1 tháng

  • Ước tính chi phí

  • Hiển thị quảng cáo

  • Bấm quảng cáo

  • Khách hàng thu được

Từ khóa Xu hướng Cạnh tranh Hiển thị CPC thấp nhất đ CPC cao nhất đ

6 Other Tools

These Tools can help you to advertise easier, faster and more effectivily

Giveaway AdWords Coupon


Get Free 100$ for your Google Ads account

  • 100% For Free
  • Get Promotion code automatically

Optimize AdWords Ads


Plan the Cost forecast and Order effect in 30 seconds

  • Just 1 simple step
  • Free Trail

AdWords Doctor


Ads Diagnose Tool – Diagnose the Ads exactivily and quickly

  • Free Trial
  • Examine and diagnose in 30 seconds

Anti Click Fraud

Prevent up to 90% AdWords click fraud in just 5s

  • Quick and auto access
  • Auto Block by IPs

New Google Shopping Tool

3 Steps to Create and run Google Shopping ads

  • Create and manage campaign actively
  • Smart and 100% automatic

SEO Keyword Analyzer

Easy-to-SEO keywords filter tool from AdWords, reduce up to 20% ads cost

  • Get the result after 1 click
  • More than 6.000 testimonials

Your growth is our motivation

Unifool provide the toolkit for easy management and tracking the Marketing activities, attracting potential customers as well as increasing online sales.

Now, it’s not hard anymore to reach your online customers. We will together open new business opportunities.