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Google Ads By Industry

The database of Google Ads include: Google Search, Google GDN, Youtube Ads, as well as the detailed sort by industry


Google Search

Google Search ads are the displayed ads at the time Google Search engine is used (when users search by keywords on 

  • CPC Cost per click

  • CTR Cost through rate

  • Invalid Click

CPC by Industry

CPC by industry of Google Search

CTR by Industry

CTR by industry of Google Search

Google Display Network (GDN)

Ads display as banner form on Google Partner’s websites

  • CPC Cost per click

  • CPM Cost per mille (1000 impressions)

  • CTR Cost through rate

CPC by Industry

CPC of Google Display ads by industry

CTR by Industry

CTR of Google Display ads by industry

Youtube Ads

Ads display at the time Youtube video is played or on Youtube banners

  • CPC Cost per click

  • CPM Cost per mille (1000 impressions)

  • CPV Cost per video

CPM by Industry

Average cost for 1.000 impressions on Youtube ads on PC by industry

CPV by Industry

CPV on Youtube ads by industry

Mobile & PC ads

The efficiency of ads running on smart phone and computer (include laptop and PC)

Index Mobile PC
Spend rate
Convert rate

By industry: CPC on Mobile

CPC of Google ads on mobile by industry

By industry: CPC on PC

CPC of Google ads on PC by industry

(*) Google Adwords data generated from... 6.000 customer and 60 billion Ads budget in last 90 days

From where the database was generated?

The database of Google Adswas generated by Unifool – a premier Google partner –  from more than 6.000 customers and the Google ads cost of 3 million USD

This database of Google Ads market help to provide more information for comparing and adjusting your ads status. Your ads will be upgraded daily for more efficiency.

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