Investment for advertisement on AdWords is a must have of almost strategic marketers. However, almost no one knows how much of that money generates customers and how much is being wasted because of incapable marketing strategies. According to Unifool statistics record over 1000 customers, at least 10% of the ads budget waste for an ineffective period of ads time, in which it has low users’ interaction.

Running ads at times of low interaction or outside of work hours, without support staff. Unintentionally, you throw money down the rain.

Potential Customers + Incapable of satisfying their needs = Wasted

Therefore, to reduce to waste the ad budgets, you should optimize your result by running your ads in the period of time when there are lots of users who help increase your conversion rate. On the other hand, taking care of potential customers instantly when detected is quite helpful for your business. And, do not run ads from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. due to the poor interactions. Be always ready for primetime when “All’s Fish that comes to the net”.
In order to catch all the fishes, you only need to use Ads Optimizer Tool over time of Unifool. Just need a minute to get the app as following instruction:

First of all, log into your accounts at, then hover to AdWords toolkit and click “AdWords Doctor”

On the toolbar at your left-hand side, click “Ads time” The systems show a time schedule with advertisement cost for each period of time.

The red time frame (from 10 p.m. to 07 a.m.) is unprofitable time with poor visitor interaction and customer’s interactive. If you do not want to run your ads at this time frame, you could deselect it by scrolling down and choose the desired time frame at which you want your ads are on the steam and press “Save Ads Time”. Your AdWords advertisement is only on the stream within the selected time frame.

Benefits of Ads Optimizer Tools over time:

  • Save at least 10% of unprofitable ad budgets.
  • Increase conversion rate as a result of focusing on the primetime at which you easily approach potential customers.
  • Boosting your Ads efficiency on AdWords.

If you want to try the Ads Optimizer Tools over time, press registration now for totally free:

After registration, you get an opportunity to get one 100 USD free AdWords coupon code for your account.

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