Business is a “dog-eat-dog world”; it’s reasonable for all era, especially the competition among online enterprises running Google ads campaign. Beside “clean” competitive strategies, many advertising agencies have many dirty tricks to make the fake results on your social ads statistic by faking the clicks, but still easily absorbing your business’s fund. In this article, Unifool will reveal 5 ways to prevent and eliminate click fraud on Google Ads 2019.

First Way: Splitting your daily advertising fund into a variety of campaign.

Your ad campaign is going to be ruined due to clicks fraud; it wastes your fund but leaves you none of the new customers. To get rid of the vitural clickers from your ad campaign, you’re able to split your fund for many campaign to run one after another

Pros: With this method, your daily ad fund will not be ran out immediately because of virtual clickers. Smartly pouring your fund in many ad project which is steadily shown within a day.
Cons: Consuming much time to create so many ad campaigns. Furthermore, you cannot completely terminate 3G, 4G automatic click fraud platform.
Way to do: Instead of spending $40 for one campaign. Pouring $10 into four ad campaigns with the same content and setting the time to make sure that your ad project is always on the stream (1st campaign: 7 a.m.-10 a.m., 2nd campaign: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.…..).

Second Way: Blocking by IP

Usually, a visitor accesses a website with one IP and they probably click the ads once to twice before deciding to make any purchase, thus blocking the user’s IP could prevent the click frauds who click the ads so many times within an extremely short time.
Pros: Blocking away all click fraud IP from your AdWords account.

Cons: You have to operate it manually, copy and paste one by one IP into the IP exclusions box of your AdWords account.

Wasting tons of times and unable to catch up the click’s speed from click fraud IP.

Depending on the third-party program to follow IP clicking your ads.
Way to do:

Step 1: Choose your ads campaign, then click on “Setting” tab.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom, click on “IP Exclusions”.

Step 3: Add in the excluded IP and press “Save” to finish.

Third Way: Bid adjustment for each device

If you are suffering from click fraud on PC, smartphone or tablet, you should reduce the CPC bid on those devices to save the budgets from click fraud.
Pros: Restrain the clicks fraud on devices.
Cons: Consuming a lot of time for adjusting bidding price on each device, manual manipulation is not capable to prevent automatic virtual clicks.

Way to do:

Step 1: Choose your campaign and click the “Setting” tab

Step 2: Choose “Devices”

Step 3: At “Bid Adj”, click the devices that you make the adjustment, then lower the bid.

Fourth Way: Get Helps from Google

All advertisers are Google’s customers and Google always has terms and conditions to protect their customers.

Google has built up their Click Fraud Control Systems to refund for you. Therefore, if you realize your ads have been disrupted by click fraud, you probably get helps from Google. Google’s expert will consider your case and refund for you.
Pros: Refund lost budgets from click fraud.
Cons: Blowing time for Google’s judgment, even not sure whether it is successfully refunded or not.
Way to do: Access the following link and fill in the form, then send it to Google for consideration.

Fifth Way: Using Auto-Blocking Click Fraud at

If the above methods cause you lots of troubles or make you spend so much time in preventing the click fraud but inefficiently, then this 5th way is for you. Our Anti Click Fraud tool is at and built up with four auto-blocking functions in one system, which make it easier to control.

  • Blocking all click fraud demolishing your ads campaign.
  • Fast installation, saving time and easy manipulation.
  • Tracking for click fraud far and wide, completely automatic and rapid.
  • 24/7 supporting center.
  • Allowed to use AdWords optimization tools and Increase customer tools.

Way to do:

Step 1: Access to our website and choose the “Anti Click Fraud ” tool.

Step 2: Choose the desired configuration among four designed configuration: Block by IP, Block by 3G-4G, Block by Time, and
Block by Mobile/PC/Tablet.

Step 3: Modify blocking configuration.

The Unifool Interface

The above 5 ways help prevent click fraud for your Ads on Google in 2019. It also reduces the damage and cost causing to your ads from inefficient devices and periods of time. Experience now at to get incredible AdWords coupons valued 100 USD for your ads campaign on Google Ads.









In case of having any queries in experiencing the Anti Click Fraud tool, please immediately send email to [email protected] or leaving a comment for further supports.