Statistically, people spend moderately 2.55 hours on Facebook every day. Therefore, the majority of businesses have set up their Fan-page on Facebook to take advantage of users’ interaction. The most usual method that we first think about is Facebook’s advertisement. The efficiency from Facebook’s ad is literally poor for the sake of fierce competition among enterprises. With Unifool’s Facebook Fan-page Interaction Tool, you are able to increase 30% interaction by only one click. This tool utilizes the number of customers who access your website to strongly boost the interaction for your Fan-page. Let’s join Unifool to learn how to add “the incredible Facebook Fan-page Interaction Tool” to your website!

Unifool Facebook Fanpage Interact Tool

To get started, you are required to have an account on Unifool’s website and then log in to the system.

Next step, in the “Increase customer tool” menu, you select “Facebook Fanpage Interact”

After that, you move on the following four steps:

  1. Choose the Fanpage display location
  2. Fill in the Fan page link,
  3. Select to demonstrate the title or the whole page
  4. Decide the platform to activate (PC or mobile)

Once done, click on the save button to save it
After all, you could return to your website to experience the results.

The advantages of Facebook Fanpage Interact tool

  • To make use of the website’s visitor to raise the interaction
  • To connect to customers across different platforms
  • To use it for totally free.

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