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Optimize AdWords Ads


Plan the Cost forecast and Order effect in 30 seconds

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AdWords Doctor


Ads Diagnose Tool – Diagnose the Ads exactivily and quickly

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  • Examine and diagnose in 30 seconds

Anti Click Fraud

Prevent up to 90% AdWords click fraud in just 5s

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  • Auto Block by IPs

New Google Shopping Tool

3 Steps to Create and run Google Shopping ads

  • Create and manage campaign actively
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SEO Keyword Analyzer

Easy-to-SEO keywords filter tool from AdWords, reduce up to 20% ads cost

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Save Time – Just 30 Seconds

Previous ad that cost you hours every day, now you can monitor and perform the entire job optimally in just 30 seconds. Quicker working & more effectivily when you’ve got Unifool

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Consider From 11 Aspects

Your Ad is still running without any idea about the result. Try Unifool for Analyzing ads from 11 aspects: time, cost per click, displayed location, ads content, competitor, click fraud,…

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In Compare With The Market

Compare your ads criteria with the one of your competitors and general market, from then adjust and orientate your ads campaign. You’ll  be saved more time for researching or checking the market like you did before. Just using our tool and planing your ad campain right now.

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Easier Tracking Result

Reports are formed as charts for easy tracking and controlling ads performance. Unifool reporter works faster and in the real time for every Google Ads account.

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Ads Optimizer Tool over time instruction

Ads Optimizer Tool over time instruction

Investment for advertisement on AdWords is a must have of almost strategic marketers. However, almost no one knows how much of that money generates customers and how much is being wasted because of incapable marketing strategies. According to Unifool statistics record...

5 Ways Against Click Fraud on AdWords 2019

5 Ways Against Click Fraud on AdWords 2019

Business is a "dog-eat-dog world”; it’s reasonable for all era, especially the competition among online enterprises running Google ads campaign. Beside “clean” competitive strategies, many advertising agencies have many dirty tricks to make the fake results on your...

Raising 30% Facebook Fan-page’s Interaction with Only One Click

Raising 30% Facebook Fan-page’s Interaction with Only One Click

Statistically, people spend moderately 2.55 hours on Facebook every day. Therefore, the majority of businesses have set up their Fan-page on Facebook to take advantage of users’ interaction. The most usual method that we first think about is Facebook’s advertisement....

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